Our fees include any help and advice you may need in obtaining your license and making sure it is properly filled in, signed and returned to the county office. If need be, we can help to find locations for your wedding and reception; we are always available to help with any of your email or phone questions.  We will arrive at least a half hour before the ceremony and confer with the person in charge of your music and the venue coordinator or your planner to make sure everyone is up to date on all plans.

PLEASE NOTE: These fees are based on the work that goes into preparing and presenting your ceremony and have no relation to the number of people who are attending the ceremony.

Our Perfect Ceremony

Our Custom Plan

The Perfect Wedding

The Rehearsal

Chosen from among a dozen different ceremonies, we work together in customizing the words and thoughts to perfectly reflect the two of you.  We will arrive well in advance of the ceremony as described above and make sure your license is properly filled in and filed with the county.


As a published author and poet, Curtis uses his talents to work together with you to create a completely custom wedding ceremony that expresses many thoughts about the two of you...your hopes and dreams, your thoughts about love and marriage, all with perhaps a touch of humor mixed in.

 If needed at the rehearsal and if our schedule allows, there is no additional charge for attending.


We also offer a very special package that includes your Perfect Ceremony, a bouquet for the bride(s) and boutonniere for the groom(s) and about an hour of Professional Photography including Portraits of the Wedding Couple, Family pictures and photos of the ceremony and license signing.  After making your pictures perfect in Lightroom and Photoshop, we promise you a disc of High Resolution images containing at least 50 pictures.

                                                                                                All this for only $1,000.00

You'll need a rehearsal if you're having a formal wedding with the seating of parents and a large Bridal Party. Once everyone has found their place and you are standing before the Officiant, you can relax and simply follow your Officiants instructions.  Many times couples will have a wedding planner or your venue will have a coordinator who can conduct the rehearsal.  We would be happy to attend and conduct your rehearsal and to act as your Wedding Day Processional coordinator if our schedule allows.                                                                       $150.00