All About Wedding Ceremonies

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

As you look for an Officiant to celebrate your wedding ceremony you're no doubt looking for someone who will look appropriate, have a nice presentation, a good voice, or one of many criteria the two of you feel is necessary for the person who will marry you.  One more thing you will be looking for is someone who can offer you a ceremony that represents the two of you.


Some of the more disastrous ceremonies we've witnessed as photographers were ceremonies where the Officiant had an agenda that didn't reflect the couple's values at all.  This is why we hope that our couples will want to contribute ideas of their own as we design their ceremony.  Don't panic!  It's really pretty easy.


We offer two plans for your ceremony.  In the first we give you a dozen pre-written ceremonies to look through.  You will choose the style ceremony you like the best and then we can begin customizing it for you.  You may like it just as it is and want no changes or you may want to take pieces of the various ceremonies and cut and paste them together.  There may be something you have always wanted in your ceremony that we can add, including musical pieces and readings. Once you've decided upon all the pieces we will put them together into a beautiful, naturally flowing ceremony.


In our second plan, we get together a few times. First for an interview in which we get to know you and some fun, personal things about you as well as your thoughts about love and marriage.  We have a booklet with many quotations, readings and segments of ceremonies that you will use to choose the style and form your ceremony will take.  We will write a very personalized ceremony for you, then we will meet again and fine tune it, deciding where musical pieces would best fit and who might be doing readings, etc.



What more perfect way, after 10 or 20 years of marriage, to tell your mate how much you love him or her, than to have a Vow Renewal in front of your family and friends?  Organized much the same as a wedding ceremony, with a little rewording, it's also the perfect opportunity for a family reunion and to get some beautiful family photos!

You can include as many of these as you feel would make your ceremony as rich and beautiful as it can be. Or you can make it as simple as saying "I do" and placing rings on each other's hands. And signing the license with two witnesses, that is!  These are placed in the order they most often are used, although some, like readings, can be inserted more than once.


- The Processional

- Opening Words by the Officiant

- A reading, prayer, poem, etc.

- The Statement of Intent

- The Vows

- An Interlude

- A Musical Piece

- Ring Vows

- Closing Words

- The Pronouncement

- The Kiss!

- The Recessional

A Pretty Bride

Last Minute Ceremonies

Are you wanting to get married right now?  (Or in a day or two...) If you would like to come to a park near our home in Mill Creek and if we're available, we would be delighted to see you two married and the license signed and filed, for only $150.00.  We can also provide you with witnesses who would ask $20.00 each.  We would perform a very nice, secular ceremony of our choice. You may bring up to 6 guests.