Rev. Curtis Rhodes

With a relaxed yet confident manner and a ready wit, Curtis has been performing ceremonies for happy couples for 10 years now.  He has, however, been in the wedding industry here in Seattle for over 30 years.


Curtis has his BFA degree in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute and in the mid 1980s joined one of the large wedding photography companies in Seattle.  He loved the energy, the beautiful venues, the wedding community and the opportunity to express his artistry in new ways.


In 1991 he and Vickie, who were married in 1968, started their own, very successful photo company.  Among their many favorite things about photographing weddings was the drive home after an exhausting day. They talked about all the aspects of the wedding, including the ceremony.  They felt so disappointed for the Bride and Groom when the ceremony was less than perfect.  Most often the ceremonies were beautiful and many times if they heard something that really struck them, they jotted it down when they got home and soon began collecting the many segments that became their favorite ceremonies.


Now they enjoy Officiating at dozens of ceremonies a year and occasionally adding a small photo package to those couples who are looking for a small "elopement style" ceremony.  We've found that there are certain dates during the year that many couples want to be married on and there's no way we can accomodate them all, and so we asked a friend to join our little company.  You can read all about Michael on the next page.

Wedding Rings and Bouquet
Couple being married in front of a mirror

Non-Denominational Ministers

Anyone can perform a ceremony for you.  Really, you can ask anyone to do the honors, but only those proscribed by law can legally marry you.  Here in Washington, only Judges or those ordained by a religious denomination are able to legally marry you.


Most couples are married by a member of the clergy.  Those who are members of a church or synagogue or whose families belong to a congregation, will often be married by the priest, pastor, rabbi or minister from their church.  These are almost always sweet, traditional ceremonies.


Those people who don't have a church and want a beautiful, poetic ceremony, will often call upon a Non-Denominational Minister.


A non-denominational minister is free to perform the ceremony of your choice!  You can ask for it to be spiritual or secular. You can gently combine traditions from different religions, if your families are of different faiths.  You can add the readings, poems, music and ceremony that are important to YOU, not to the conventions of a church.  Plus, a non-denominational minister is free to perform your ceremony at any location you choose.


A non-denominational minister could be the answer to having your wedding your way!